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Updated LearnHub.io landing page


I made some minor styling changes (mainly responsive layout) and updated the landing page for LearnHub.io, it now has more focus on skill tracking and development. It previously redirected incoming traffic to the explore pathways page, which still is unfinished, and provided little engagement.

I also added a tweet-at-me button as replacement for feedback form on each page.


A brief internet stocks catch up (2018 edition)


User and data-centric advertising companies taking some hits; US hearings on misinformation and fake news, celebrity de-platforming and censorship, data privacy issues (GPDR) and data leaks in focus. FB, GOOGL, TWTR, SNAP.

Apple reached USD 1 trillion in MC (briefly). Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon all currently around USD 700-800 billion in MC. AAPL, MSFT, AMZN.

Walt Disney (Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars) announced its own streaming service to compete with Netflix. DIS, NFLX.

Heavy spending on fixed assets. Alphabet/ Google expected to spend USD 22 billion, Facebook USD 15 billion, and Microsoft USD 12 billion. GOOGL, FB, MSFT.

E-sports, gaming and gamers are dominating the online popularity contest (*Fortnite*). Amazon and Prime memberships likely to gain from increased interest in livestream gameplay. AMZN.

Tencent Music announced IPO, estimated to have around 50% market share (QQ Music, Kugou, Kuwo) for music streaming in China. TME, SPOT.



Doolio.co have moved to LearnHub.io


LearnHub.io is a skill tracker with user-curated pathways to make life easier for self-learners. User accounts are not migrated and previous users are required to sign up again, or explore pathways without an account. Future development will continue there instead and traffic will soon be redirected.

I have made the GitHub repo public for Doolio.co, it was built with PHP, HTML, Sass, and MySQL. Feel free to clone and build similar PHP applications using code in this repo!



HTTPS on AWS and Heroku


Finally found a solution for root HTTPS on Modelmode.io (hosted on AWS) and this website (hosted on Heroku). I'm using Dreamhost as my domain registrar and wanted to keep all domains there. Hence, the issues with DNS, ALIAS, CNAME, etc.

AWS: Created hosted zone (AWS Route 53), added provided NS to registered domain (Dreamhost), added ALIAS to EB instance and CNAME to naked domain (Route 53), issued certificate to naked domain (AWS Certificate Manager), and added port listener 443 HTTPS 80 HTTP linked to issued certificate (AWS EB Load Balancer).

Heroku via Cloudflare: Added new website (Cloudflare), added provided NS to registered domain (Dreamhost), added CNAME @ to *.herokuapp url (Cloudflare), added CNAME www to *.herokuapp url (Cloudflare), issued certificate (Heroku), and added naked domain and www domain to domain list (Heroku).

Root HTTPS is currently working on both domains, although NS may still be propagating. I will update this post in a few hours to confirm.

EDIT (2018-12-20): HTTPS still working on both naked and www domain.