I enjoy building things -- idea to product -- and have worked on multiple projects over the years, often to solve a problem, but also exploratory; to develop new interests and technical skills.

I take a generalist approach to learning and personal development, awake hours are typically split between: working on projects, including learning new technologies and solving domain-specific problems; studying (mostly) technical subjects, such as computing, mathematics, finance, economics, and biology; and exercise, in particular mountain biking, road cycling, weight-lifting, and swimming.

I am currently building a collaborative investment management platform to make it easier to invest better together at EQZEN.


Master of Science in Advanced Computing

King's College London, London, UK (2020)

Currently enrolled

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computing and Information Technology

The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK 2018

Main fields of study: Computer Science

Technical Skills

I am a generalist software developer and work comfortably with multiple programming languages, including Java, Python, Lua, Scala, and Ruby. I am familiar with many software related tools, such as Mathematica, Photoshop, PhoneGap, and Corona SDK, and a few cloud platforms, such as AWS and Heroku, as well as various IDEs (but prefer Sublime Text).

  • Web Development I have considerable experience with full-stack web development and have created web applications for 10+ years (mainly working on own projects). I work comfortably with multiple web technologies, including HTML, CSS, jQuery (JavaScript), PHP, MySQL, Flask (Python), Ruby on Rails, Sass, and MongoDB.

  • Data Science I have a strong background in mathematics, including coursework in multivariable calculus and mathematical statistics, and work comfortably with quantitative problems. I am proficient at working with real-world datasets using Python libraries, including NumPy, Pandas, and matplotlib, as well as SQL/ SPARQL, Jupyter Notebook, and spreadsheet tools, such as Microsoft Excel.

Course list

  • 2019

  • Introducing statistics

    Descriptive statistics, regression and surveys, hypothesis testing, association and estimation, experiments and clinical trials.

    The Open University

  • 2018

  • Configuring Linux Web Servers

    Linux fundamentals, virtual machines, and PostgreSQL.


  • The computing and IT project

    Individual research, documentation tools and methods (research, synthesis, evaluation), literature search and review.

    The Open University

  • Mathematical methods

    Linear algebra, multivariable calculus, vector fields, first and second-order ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations.

    The Open University

  • Software engineering

    Software architecture, agile methods, design patterns, domain modeling and analysis (UML).

    The Open University

  • Data management and analysis

    Databases and data architectures, real-world dataset analysis (Python, SQL, MapReduce) and visualization (matplotlib), individual research and report writing.

    The Open University

  • 2017

  • Web, mobile and cloud technologies

    Web standards and protocols, distributed architectures (REST, SOAP), mobile frameworks (Java, Android), cloud infrastructure and operations (OpenStack).

    The Open University

  • Essential mathematics II

    Number theory, geometric transformations, differential equations, combinatorics, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, mathematical language and proof.

    The Open University

  • Introduction to C++

    Introduction to programming with C++.

    Microsoft Corporation (edX)

  • Algorithms, data structures and computability

    Search and sorting algorithms (Python), binary trees, mathematical notation (sets, functions, logic, and proof), computational complexity.

    The Open University

  • IT project and service management

    Software quality, team working, project and service management techniques (ITIL).

    The Open University

  • 2016

  • Web technologies

    Client-server architecture, content markup (HTML, CSS, XML), usability and security (HTTPS), client and server side implementation languages (JavaScript, PHP, SQL).

    The Open University

  • Object-oriented Java programming

    Object-oriented concepts and principles with Java.

    The Open University

  • Technologies in practice

    Computer architecture, networking, operating systems (Linux).

    The Open University

  • Essential mathematics I

    Trigonometric functions, vectors and matrices, differentiation and integration, sequences, complex numbers.

    The Open University

  • Data Analysis: Take it to the MAX()

    Spreadsheet techniques and best practices (PivotTables, VLOOKUPS, what-if analyses, graphs).

    Delft University of Technology (edX)

  • Introduction to Python for Data Science

    Introduction to data analysis with Python (Numpy, Matplotlib, Pandas).

    Microsoft Corporation (edX)

  • 2015

  • My digital life

    Introduction to undergraduate-level computing and information technology.

    The Open University

  • An introduction to business studies

    Introduction to undergraduate-level business studies.

    The Open University

  • Discovering mathematics

    Introduction to undergraduate-level mathematics and statistics.

    The Open University

  • Intro to Programming

    Introduction to programming with HTML, CSS, and Python.


  • Intro to HTML and CSS

    Web development fundamentals, best practices, and professional problem-solving techniques using Developer Tools.


  • 2013

  • Introduction to Programming and Thinking in Computer Science

    Introduction to programming concepts and ideas.

    Stockholm University

  • Basic Programming with C

    Introduction to programming with C.

    LuleƄ University of Technology

  • Mathematics II (preparatory)

    Introduction to undergraduate-level mathematics (in Swedish).

    Karlstad University

  • Spanish: Beginner Course I

    Introduction to Spanish language and culture.

    Karlstad University

  • Physics I (preparatory)

    Introduction to undergraduate-level physics.

    Karlstad University

  • Chemistry I (preparatory)

    Introduction to undergraduate-level chemistry.

    Karlstad University

  • Evolution of Life

    Introduction to evolutionary biology, ecology, and geology.

    Stockholm University

  • 2012

  • Mathematics I (preparatory)

    Introduction to undergraduate-level mathematics (in Swedish).

    Karlstad University

  • Biology I (preparatory)

    Introduction to undergraduate-level biology.

    Karlstad University