I enjoy building things -- idea to product -- and have founded several businesses over the years, often to solve a problem, but also exploratory (and for fun!); to develop new interests and technical skills.

I take a generalist approach to learning and personal development, productive hours are typically split between: working on projects, typically solving problems or learning new technologies; reading, mostly computer science, but also mathematics, finance, economics, and biology; and workout, in particular biking, weights, and swimming.

Now: Learning how to build #skynet @KingsNMS (MSC ADV COMP)

Technical Skills

I am a generalist software developer and work comfortably (and some less comfortably!) with multiple programming languages, including Java (but prefer not), Python, and Ruby, C, Scala, Lua, and Prolog. I am familiar with many software related tools and frameworks, such as MATLAB, Mathematica, PhoneGap, and Corona SDK, and cloud platforms, such as AWS and Heroku, as well as various IDEs (but prefer Sublime Text).

  • Web Development I have considerable experience with full-stack web development and have created web applications for 10+ years (mainly working on own projects). I work comfortably with multiple web technologies, including HTML, CSS, jQuery (JavaScript), PHP, MySQL, Flask (Python), Ruby on Rails, Sass, and MongoDB.

  • Data Science I have a strong background in mathematics, including coursework in multivariable calculus and mathematical statistics, and work comfortably with quantitative problems. I am proficient at working with real-world datasets using Python libraries, including NumPy, Pandas, and matplotlib, as well as SQL/ SPARQL, Jupyter Notebook, and spreadsheet tools, such as Microsoft Excel.


Master of Science in Advanced Computing

King's College London, London, UK (2020)

Currently enrolled

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computing and Information Technology

The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK 2018

Main fields of study: Computer Science