I like to build things -- idea to product -- and often find myself working on new projects to solve some problem, but also for fun or to develop new interests (but mostly for fun!).

I take a generalist approach to work and personal development, where my productive hours typically are divided between: 1. working on projects, solving problems, and developing new skills; 2. reading, mostly technical subjects, economics and finance, and natural science in general (in particular space science and evolutionary biology); 3. physical exercise, such as mountain biking, road cycling, swimming, and lifting weights.

I speak Swedish, Norwegian, and English, and understand some Spanish and German.

Now: Generalist software developer, amateur stock picker (internet and application software), internet enthusiast


Artificial intelligence / Internet of things

In development: deployment and hosting platform for knowledge databases (automated reasoning devices).


Productivity / Finance

EQZEN is a simple stock portfolio tracker; collect all your investments in one place; track price and performance; manage portfolio allocation and weighting; share read-only portfolio with friend or client.

In development: command-based search for quick access to company fundamentals and price data; pivot towards market overview dashboard (with less focus on portfolio management).


Online learning / Personal development

LearnHub.io (previsouly Doolio) is a platform for self-learners; create pathways with learning resources for a subject; explore pathways created by others; showcase your skills and projects.


Nutrition supplement / Fitness

Holans is a nutrition supplement available in Sweden.

Give Trees (closed)

Mobile application / Environment

Give Trees (previously Plant for Earth) is an initiative to fight deforestation; plant trees using mobile application; earnings donated to various tree-planting non-profit organisations.