I like to build things -- idea stage to product launch -- and often find myself working on new projects.

I take a generalist approach to work and personal development, awake hours typically split between: 1. working on projects, programming, and developing new skills; 2. reading, mostly technical subjects, but also economics and finance; 3. physical exercise, such as mountain biking, road cycling, swimming, and weights.

I speak Swedish, Norwegian, and English, and understand some Spanish and German.

I spent some time with Ableton Live a while ago.

Nowadays: mostly working on projects.

Evert.AI (in development)

Automated reasoning / Internet of things 2020-

Deployment and hosting platform for knowledge databases (automated reasoning applications).

Open Terminal (private beta)

Finance 2020-

Desktop-based application for quick access to financial data.


Productivity / Finance 2018-

Web-based platform to manage multiple stock portfolios.


Online learning / Personal development 2018-

Web-based platform and skill tracker for self-learners.


Nutrition supplement / Fitness 2014-

Nutrition supplement product (for sale in Sweden and Norway)

Give Trees (closed)

Mobile application / Environment 2014-2017

Mobile-based applications and games targeting charitable donations (Android and iOS, both discontinued).