Michael Sjöberg

I enjoy building things -- idea to product -- and have worked on many projects over the years, often to solve a problem, but also for fun or to develop new interests and technical skills (but mostly for fun!).

I take a generalist approach to learning and personal development, where productive hours typically are split between: 1. working on projects, i.e. solving problems or learning new technologies to help solve problems; 2. study, mostly computer science and technical subjects, but also mathematics, finance and economics (micro- and macroeconomics, market theory, investment strategies), and natural science in general (mainly space science, evolutionary biology); 3. exercise, such as mountain biking, road cycling, hiking, running, swimming, and lifting weights (in no particular order!).

I speak English, Swedish, and Norwegian, and understand some German and Spanish (but don't understand British English!).

Now: Learning how to build #skynet @KingsNMS (MSC ADV COMP)

Technical Skills

I'm a generalist software developer and work comfortably (and sometimes less comfortably!) with multiple programming languages, including Java (last decade or so), Python, Ruby, C, Scala, Lua, and Prolog (more recently). I'm familiar with most engineering practises, research methodologies, operating systems, and developer tools, including Linux, Git, Bash, SQL, and UML.

  • AI engineering I’m very interested in AI-related topics at the intersection of theoretical and practical applications, such as automated reasoning, expert systems, autonomous agents, computer vision, and neural networks (in particular unsupervised and deep learning). I have worked with with many related tools, such as MATLAB, Keras, TensorFlow, OpenCV, and various Python libraries, such as scikit-learn.

  • Web Technologies I have considerable experience with full-stack web development and have built web-based applications for 10+ years (mainly working on own ideas!). I work comfortably with almost anything related to web development, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery), PHP, Flask (Python), Ruby on Rails, Sass, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS, and Heroku (or similar technologies!).

  • Data science I have a strong background in mathematics, including coursework in multivariable calculus, mathematical statistics, optimization problems, graphs and networks, and work comfortably on highly quantitative problems. I'm proficient at working on very large real-world datasets with Spark, Hadoop, MapReduce, and various Python libraries, such as NumPy, Pandas, and matplotlib, as well as relevant presentation skills, i.e. LaTeX, Jupyter Notebook, and Microsoft Excel.


King's College London, London, UK (enrolled) (2020)

Master of Science in Advanced Computing

Thesis: A compiler for a small programming language (Prolog to WebAssembly)

The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK 2018

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computing and Information Technology

Main fields of study: Computer Science, Mathematics


  • Currently Developing various AI-related software in stealth-mode, master thesis based on making it easier to deploy and test automated reasoning applications.

  • Built my own portfolio tracking solution, available at: eqzen.com (still developing as side project to challenge Bloomberg Terminal!).

  • Built a web application to consolidate various high quality online learning resources to make life easier for self-learners, available at: learnhub.io (inactive and barely any users, but cheap to keep up).

  • Founded and launched mobile application to fight deforestation, available at: givetrees.co (company closed, but application still available!)

  • Founded and launched nutrition product in Sweden, available at: https://www.holans.com (small scale, but profitable!)

  • Founded, co-founded, and launched various, often terrible, internet companies.