Founder / Developer 2018-

EQZEN is a cloud-based platform to make collaborative investment management easier.

For investors; track all your investments in one place, share with an advisor (or a friend!) to help you with your portfolio. For advisors (coming soon); sell your expert advisory services to individual investors, manage multiple client portfolios in one place.

Founder / Developer 2018- is a platform to track skills and create your own self-learning pathways; basically a sequential list with learning resources for a subject. The main idea is to show what skills you have learned and how you learned them.


Co-founder 2014-

Holans (DBA Holans Sweden Trading Partnership) is a nutrition supplement brand in Sweden.

Give Trees

Co-founder / Developer 2014-2017

Give Trees (DBA Plant for Earth) was a mobile application initiative to fight deforestation.

Doolio was a skill tracker and public database with skills.