I am currently building a collaborative investment management platform to make it easier to invest better together at EQZEN.

Recent work on EQZEN Beta

March 20, 2019

Just deployed some improvements to the portfolio page form inputs; placeholder with null value instead of zero values, to avoid deleting zero values before input, better orchestration between internal functions; added function to retrieve stock currently in portfolio, to better handle action buttons based on holdings.

I need to improve data load and page speed, added compression (Flask-Compress) as a first step, and to keep focus on workflow, continuously trying to make it easier and faster to use.

Also reworked all stocks table, on stocks page, which now includes a button to directly add stock to portfolio (if stock not in portfolio), which makes adding multiple stocks faster.

Showcase portfolio feature is still being considered, but need to focus on a few more behind-the-scenes improvements first, such as removing empty portfolios in database (which is piling up quickly), and solving the distributed storage issue with AWS (likely involving a separated temporary storage for uploaded portfolio files).

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