Deployed a bunch of updates to EQZEN today; including pricing page and subscription (reduced price during beta!). It’s now possible to create a subscription using email and valid credit or debit card, everything is handled by Stripe, including customer accounts and PIN (very convenient!). A PIN is automatically generated and sent to email, it's used to unlock features in new session (i.e. new browsers or after logging out).

Added summary with averages in footer on some tables, in particular portfolio and peers, which helps to see overall performance for a group of tickers (excellent when comparing different portfolios or risk).

Added a very basic chart using TradingView JS widgets (non-interactable), one for each time interval. It's better then nothing, but will likely be replaced with a custom solution in the future.

I struggled a bit with the all tickers table, which currently loads all available tickers from a static file (for performance), to problem is that the file needs to be manually updated and included with each deploy, which is tedious. This feature will likely require some re-development, maybe using an external storage solution, similar to the API, which can be managed separately from the application.

I would enjoy more up-to-date data (at least daily) in the all tickers table, which is almost impossible with the current design (it would take too long to process this many cells). However; will likely keep focus on portfolio features for now; in particular benchmark, to compare portfolio performance (today, and historically) with another ticker (or maybe group of tickers).

Also, replaced MongoDB with in-browser storage (Flask sessions), which made everything process a bit faster, as well as minor layout and styling changes.