Recently deployed updates to EQZEN include: new dashboard page to manage multiple stock portfolios in same session; redesign. Dashboard page is basically a table with all portfolios (those with holdings and track-only), currently limited to one portfolio for free and five portfolios on subscription plan.

It was actually a bit tricky to implement some dashboard features, in particular average change and allocation. Normally; all data and calculations are handled using JavaScript (for async) and relies on getting the data directly from the DOM, but now, since not loading any portfolio data into DOM, instead had to get the data from session variable and calculate on the server before rendering into DOM. Doing it this way required some minor changes to the session management (Flask sessions), including an additional session variable (holding all dashboard data).


Also, hard to not notice, is the changes to layout and overall redesign, mainly: a darker navigation bar, in both normal and night-mode, to keep consistent; and ticker lookup button as dropdown on top of every page (as part of navigation rather than on each page). Minor changes to ticker page layout and colors to be more consistent (in particular button effects), basically replaced colors based on rgba variables (Sass) with rgb, nothing too fancy.