Recently deployed several updates and changes to EQZEN; cash savings (currencies) tracking with exchange rates and total value in a few foreign currencies, dashboard page overview, which displays total holdings, value allocated to stocks and equities, value allocated to cash savings, and total value. It’s currently limited to USD, but plan to re-implement base currency selection again in the near-future.

Updated the server-side functionality and flow somewhat as well, save action on dashboard page to save all data, export action (previously save) on portfolio page to save specific portfolio data (easier to share with others), and import action (previously upload) on dashboard page to upload single portfolio into dashboard.

Other recent and notable updates includes ticker lookup feature with a few non-US exchanges (did not include all to avoid listing duplication), updated tickers page with all available exchanges and tickers (currenntly loaded dynamically on each page request to keep the list up to date), and revised market page with removed earnings today table (due to significantly higher data cost) and added a few index trackers (ETF tickers). Earning dates are instead added to the key stats table on portfolio page (currently a subscription feature), which also makes it easier to track earning releases relevant to portfolio.

I still have some issues with significant data usage on some pages, in particular peer tables on stock page (currently about 2/3 of all data used), considered making a big request once (weekly or similar) to load all peer data into a separated file, which would make subsequent requests cheaper but not as recent.