Re-launched EQZEN as a platform, you can now register/ login and all that, portfolio data is saved between sessions, you can share your portfolio with another user (via invite, read-only at the moment). Upgrade to a paid plan (with free trial) to get increased limits, and support further development!",

A few issues looking forward

First: There’s a web development bottleneck. I’ve noticed how financial/ portfolio management process development outside of coding (i.e. in Excel) are moving faster than the actual development into production-ready features on the platform. Not sure how to solve right now (other than hiring additional developers).

Second: Growth (and growth, then some more growth). EQZEN(.com) pages are getting some traffic, but no significant conversion into users or paying customers. I’m assuming some product-market-fit, although limited, since I am actively using it myself, so probably need to put more effort into relevant content creation and reach out to potential users with a similar problem (i.e. people that collaborate or frequently share portfolio ideas within a closed group).

A brief personal update

I recently accepted an offer to study at a post-graduate computer science program at King’s College in London. I will likely populate the ‘Technical Notes’ section more frequently as I go (currently revising C programming and want to explore some new stuff as well; in particular prolog). Note also the minor updates to this website; added HTML support to render blog posts (via JSON) with links and headings.