A brief catch up

November 04, 2019

I'm producing massive amounts of notes on postgraduate material covering artificial intelligence (i.e. probability and automated reasoning), agent-based systems, computer vision, and general lower-level computer engineering.

I want to publish these notes somewhere (or at least parts of it), was thinking Medium, but not as convenient, otherwise this website, or a combination (maybe shorter stuff here and guides or similar elsewhere?).

Website upgrades

Other than minor layout and styling changes (increased color contrast between buttons etc and background), also updated post/ blog system; it was based on only JSON before (neat and easy), but wanted to use markdown (my preferred note-taking language). So, basically, instead of reading posts from JSON, it's now reading filenames from JSON (in dir /posts), loading md-file, and rendering HTML from markdown as post, which makes formatting a lot better.

EDIT (January 27, 2020): Link to Medium profile no longer working. I will not use Medium, and instead post everyhing on this website.