EQZEN 0.9.0

January 27, 2020

I finally managed to set aside some time to finish the next iteration of EQZEN! This version is mainly a result of clearing the bug backlog, thanks to everyone reporting issues (production is the best testing environment!).

Below is a list and comments on some notable changes (and other improvements).

Fixed ticker lookup bug

This was the annoying one that randomly opened and closed dropdown with results (due to some JS issue), search should now be significantly more stable.

Fixed sticky edit mode issue

Edit mode was supposed to stay in either mode after adding a ticker or making other change that triggered a reload. Edit mode is now more stable and will be active until turned off (making adding multiple tickers faster and more enjoyable!).

Fixed add to portfolio button bug on ticker page

This button stopped working at some point due to a bad update (deploy included an additional function parameter required to add ticker to portfolio, but likely forgot to actually provide the parameter!). Thanks to one of you early users for pointing that out!

Portfolio table layout update

I basically made things tidier and more pretty! Also added red and green indicators on historical change columns based on average change during that period, which gives a better visual indication of overall trend in period (I think it's pretty neat)!

Revised pricing and increased limits on basic plan

This was to better reflect actual needs (and to make it easier to maintain with less plans!), see the updated pricing plans here.

Demo portfolio

A newly registered user will now start their portfolio tracking journey with a demo portfolio, have fun!

Future development roadmap

I'm not currently actively working on this project, but below are a few features that would be helpful (some are requested, so again, thank you!).

Import portfolio from CSV, or other popular applications (e.g. ShareSight)

I think this could be very useful, not to "steal" users from other applications, but it can definitely be useful to create portfolio based on list with tickers as CSV (e.g. Excel).

Remove a shared portfolio (from receivers-side)

This should definitely be a feature, it just hasn't been useful enough yet.

Show sector performance (or similar indicators) on ticker page

I think this could be useful, basically a daily change indicator for sector, or industry, etc., just as there are peers (e.g. to be used for relative performance of a stock).

Show market data on specific market page (e.g. most active, gainers, earnings today, exchange rates, treasury rates, cryptocurrencies, etc.)

This is a feature from the old version (no longer available), which could be very useful. It would likely be an upgraded-only feature, since market data pricing is now a lot more expensive compared to stock prices. This is likely next major feature to be developed, it would be very helpful for myself (and hopefully others), basically collecting multiple daily google queries into a single page.